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Can I get on this cruise?

I need to be where they at.

Just again just because just.

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Outfit Post: Undies in Public!

(photography by Krystin Hargrove)

Its Monday again! Not sure about y’all but this will be a pretty hectic week for me. I have a lot of catching up to do since going on vacation, but I tend to work well under pressure so I’m not stressing….yet.

On Saturday Krystin and I hit up a couple of day parties in DC and I figured it was a great opportunity to show of my vacay tan and to wear the vintage Escada pants I found the other day. I absolutely LOVE this color. Its like if pink, orange, and red had a baby. Like vermillion but more pink. I paired it with a vintage bustier, and some gold accessories.

Vintage Escada pants, Vintage Bustier, Vintage Givenchy Necklace, Vintage Belt, Thrifted Lucite Bangle, Woven Bag (African), Nine West Heels

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Experience and take a walk through 

SLUMFLOWER - Based on a short by Street Etiquette (2013)

Photography : Rog Walker

Creative Direction / Concept : Street Etiquette

Suits : Suit Supply

Purchase book prints 

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You should be with somebody who makes you forget what it felt like to be sad.

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I love the way her breathing changes as soon as I touch her body.


people who dont wet their toothbrush before using it are strange and should not be trusted

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